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Letters for The Rewilding Nation Charter

We’ve teamed up with The Scottish Rewilding Alliance  for this campaign

Emails and petitions are great, but if you really want to share your concerns with our political leaders, then take a little more time and write them a letter. Tell them how you really feel.

Set aside an hour

Grab a cuppa and read about the Rewilding Nation Charter here.

Gather your thoughts

On a scrap piece of paper or in a notebook, spend around five minutes free-writing to each of the following prompts:

    • A place in nature that you love the most.
    • What most concerns you about the future?
    • What would a good future look like to you?

Write Your Letter

Letters to: Show how you really feel, shake things up, create change, dream big, connect.

Bring together your ideas from the free-writing exercise and write your letter. It can be on behalf of anyone or anything you choose: the Earth; another species; future or past generations.


Writing prompts: What do you care most about? What do you want to say? What needs to be heard? Who or what perspective do you wish to speak from? How can you speak up on behalf of the Earth?

Send your letter

If you want to submit your letter to us for publication in our Zine, then keep a copy. Sign up to our newsletter to stay updated on our next submission window.


To email your MSP:

Enter your postcode and select the name of the MSP you would like to send your letter to – your Constituency MSP or your List MSPs (or better still, write to the all). Type a copy your letter into the email window.

To post your letter:

Send it to this address:

MSP Name
The Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP

Include your own address and postcode.

If you’re posting your letter, you can add a Paperboat – it sends a message to politicians to take braver and bolder action for climate and nature. You can find out why here.

Instructions on how to fold your Paperboat are here.

If you’d like, you can write an extra message on the side of the boat’s hull. 

We’d love to see your letters and Paperboats. Please post a photo on social media and tag us. We will be publishing some of the best letters in our Zine. Sign up to our mailing list below to keep an eye out for the submission window.