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Paperboats is a collective of writers focussed on nature and environment in a time of climate and ecological breakdown. We are Scotland based and global in outlook, and write to affirm the astonishing life of this planet, and how its future may yet be shaped.


Issue Three: A Turn of the Sun. Featuring poetry and prose from Dilys Rose, Susan Elsley, Karen Hodgson Pryce, Jane Pearn, Andrea Rossiter, Cáit O’Neill McCullagh, Nazaret Ranea, Ruth Tauber, Richard Myers, Bridget Khursheed, Kirsteen Bell, Lynn Valentine, Rebecca Sharp, Ian Stephen, Ian McDonough, Margaret Elphinstone, Sandy Winterbottom and Maria Theresa Moerman Ib

Clear sighted, loving and courageous testimonies of what is happening – and of what is coming – to this planet, and its dazzling ecology of beings


In 2024 we are supporting these campaigns:
  • The Fossil Fuel Treaty: It’s time for Scotland to stand alongside those on the frontlines of climate change.
  • The Rewilding Nation Charter: Scotland now ranks as one of the most nature-depleted countries on Earth. We must restore, revitalise and rewild.