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Paperboats is a collective of writers focussed on nature and environment in a time of climate and ecological breakdown. We are Scotland based and global in outlook and write to affirm the astonishing life of this planet.

Paperboats came together as folk with a loose connection to Stirling University but we welcome writers from across Scotland and beyond. We aim to raise a diversity of voices on the climate crisis and we are particularly keen to hear from under-represented groups and those on the frontlines of the climate emergency.


The Paperboats Zine is dedicated to nature writing in a time of climate and ecological crisis. Read Issue Two: By Stone, By Wood, By Water, edited by Kathleen Jamie and Chris Powici and featuring poetry and prose from James Robertson, Kathleen Jones, Craig Aitchison, Elizabeth Rimmer, Jane Murray Bird, Morag Smith, Lydia Harris, David McVey, A C Clarke, Mandy Macdonald, Ian Grosz, Alec Finlay, Sophia Argyris, Sarah Wallis and Elaine Morrison



On Thursday 23rd November 2023, we gathered outside the Scottish Parliament to deliver 1000 Paperboats, 1000 Climate Hopes, to MSPs of all parties. Our message was this:

The climate emergency is not a political issue. MSPs of all parties must come together to support rapid and urgent action in the face of accelerating climate breakdown, or lose our votes.

Here’s the story of that day…