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1000 Climate Hopes, Flotsam

Scottish Parliament Action

1000 Paperboats, 1000 Climate Hopes

On Thursday 23rd November 2023, we gathered outside the Scottish Parliament to deliver 1000 Paperboats, 1000 Climate Hopes, to MSPs of all parties. Our message was this:

The climate emergency is not a party political issue. MSPs of all parties must come together to support rapid and urgent action in the face of accelerating climate breakdown, or they will lose our votes.

Scotland Be Brave! Let’s stand firm in opposition to new oil and gas in the North Sea. Let’s exceed our climate targets and lead the world in a fair transition.

The event featured poetry from Kathleen Jamie and Hugh McMillan, and music from Karine Polwart, Stephen Deazley, and the Paperboats Choir.

Films from the day

Karine Polwart, Stephen Deazley and the Paperboats Choir

Scotland’s Maker, Kathleen Jamie, talks about Paperboats

Paperboats and Climate Hopes

What if a Paperboat could change the world?

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