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The Rewilding Nation Charter

In 2024, we are supporting The Scottish Rewilding Alliance to campaign for Scotland to become the first Rewilding Nation.

Scotland: The Rewilding Nation Charter

The living systems on which we all depend are being eroded, undermining our access to food, fresh water and clean air, hindering our ability to lock away carbon, and harming our health and wellbeing. Scotland now ranks as one of the most nature-depleted countries on Earth. As climate breakdown accelerates and nature loss continues, we face an unprecedented threat to our way of life and our children’s future. 

Rewilding offers us a chance to breathe life back into our increasingly lifeless land and seas, revitalising natural processes, restoring missing species, enriching communities and building resilience against the challenges we know the future holds.

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Why Not Scotland?

How to help

something simple

  • Show your support for nature recovery in Scotland by signing the Rewilding Nation Charter, urging the Scottish Government to declare Scotland the World’s first Rewilding Nation.

take a little more time

Send a more personal message to your MSP. Have a look at our writing prompts for your letters. We will publish some of the best in our Zine.

community workshops

Get together with your community – faith groups, book clubs and social groups –  to take collective action. Find out how you can host or run a Paperboats workshop.

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15% Scottish Wildlife has decreased on average by 15% since 1994.
47% Since 1970, the distribution of 47% of flowering plants has decreased.
11%. One in nine (11%) Scottish species are threatened with extinction.
49% Scotland's seabirds have declined by 49% between 1986 and 2019

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Aims of The Rewilding Nation Charter


Nature underpins the food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink, but nature cannot thrive in the face of unrelenting exploitation. Rewilding offers our best hope of restoring health to the natural world we all depend on.


Changing how we do things is now essential, but everyone needs to be included. Working together, we can create a greener, fairer nation and make more space for wildness in our day-to-day lives.


Landscape restoration can reconnect and expand our scattered fragments of remaining nature – reversing biodiversity loss in these small and isolated pockets. Rewilding at scale would restore landscape-level connectivity, allowing wildlife to flourish and helping us tackle climate breakdown.