Mandy Macdonald

Mandy Macdonald

I dreamt a wood

in which I was lost, carrying

a colourless cloud of grief 

in a close half-dark. Roots grasped at me;

moss underfoot was radioactive green.  


Strange how tears 

have the same effect as  trees,

obscuring the vision. A chill of fear, too, 

in not knowing how to escape,

or where the way out might take me.


In the distance sunlight, 

a golden field, sky;

but closer, five silent forms,

black silhouettes against the trunks,

silver-grey as they ran 

near the wood’s edge, where the sun 

penetrated its green gloaming.


They had something in mind,

that much was clear. 

I stopped dead still, watchful, until

they louped around,  

shepherded me on either side  

toward the calling field.






Header Image Credit: Polly Pullar

Mandy Macdonald
Mandy Macdonald

Mandy Macdonald is an Aberdeen-based Australian poet and musician. Her work is widely published in journals including Causeway/CabhsairPoetry Scotland, Black Nore Review, and Pennine Platform, and in many anthologies. Her 2020 pamphlet, The temperature of blue, is available from When not writing or gardening, she sings.