Lydia Harris

Lydia Harris

Fieldfares at rest

Hurtled from high Blamanen by Bergen

to this resting-field at my door, 

where they catch breath for the next flight.


I see them not feeding, not zig-zag stepping,

but breathing in and out, 

chests nestled into the ground,

downy maps of their world which cover

a hundred hearts, thumb-tip big.


Each feather trembles, their eyes spark.

The whole machine of them pulses, whirrs.


Bernadette would have knelt at the sight.

Drostan and Treduana watch them 

in curtained prayer time.


Oh those folded wings, scaled legs drawn under. 

This respite, this pause, air for air, light for light.





* the names refer to: 

   Saint Bernadette of Lourdes 

   Saint Treduana/ Tredwell an early Scottish saint 

   Saint Drostan a companion of Columba






Header Image Credit: Polly Pullar

Lydia Harris
Lydia Harris

Lydia Harris has made her home in the Orkney island of Westray. Her first full collection ‘Objects for Private Devotion’ (Pindrop) was long listed for the Highland Book Prize 2022. Her second collection ‘Henrietta’s Library of the Whole Wide World’  is due from Blue Diode in 2024.